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Buy Best Quality Kashmiri Saffron Online

Kashmiri saffron is known for its quality, color, flavor and aroma. You can now buy Kashmiri saffron online at Kashmiri Store easily. We strive to bring you the best quality products from Kashmir that are 100% authentic. A small amount of Kashmiri saffron can go a long way.

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Saffron Or Kesar
Indulge in the purity of the all natural, certified and original Kashmiri saffron with our freshly picked strands straight from ‘The Saffron Town’ – Pampore. The top part of a saffron strand is called Mogra. It is flattened, dark red in color and mainly finds its use in culinary preparation for the aroma, flavour, and color it imparts to cuisines which are bestowed with its magical addition. 100% Certified Kashmiri Kesar “Mogra” now available.

Saffron, the world’s most expensive spice is derived from crocus sativus, or the purple saffron flower. The saffron strands that we all are familiar with are basically the styles and stigma of the flower which are collected and dried to be sold at prices of gold. Kashmiri saffron is the rarest and the most expensive form of saffron available in the world. The reason for this is its limited production of just over 2000 kgs, which is very less as compared to other producers of saffron. Also, what distinguishes Pure Kashmiri saffron from Italian, Spanish or Afghani Saffron is its highest levels of safranal, crocin and picrocrocin. These three compounds are responsible for giving kashmiri saffron its intense color, aroma and a deep pungent taste. Choose and buy online from among the different types of saffron we offer and we will get it delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the word.