Snow Mountain Garlic

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Kashmiri Lehsun / Garlic Kashmiri garlic has a hard, golden-brown husk and looks like an individual clove of garlic. It has a rounded, bulbous shape with a stiff, flattened portion on one side coming to a point at the tail end of the clove. Kashmiri garlic, also known in India as Himalayan or Jammu garlic, is a rare, single-clove variety of Allium sativum. Known as Snow Mountain garlic and Ek Pothi Lahsun in Hindi, Kashmiri garlic can be used both raw and cooked. To maximize the beneficial properties in the garlic, crush or mince before using. In India, Kashmiri garlic is most commonly consumed raw for the health benefits. The so-called ‘pearls’ are crushed and then swallowed, followed by drinking two glasses of cool water. Use Kashmiri garlic in any recipe calling for garlic. Use in pesto and other sauces or dips. Add minced cloves to risotto, pasta, or sautéed vegetables. To avoid mold or spoilage, store Kashmiri garlic in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. It will keep for up to two months. Nutritional Value Kashmiri garlic is a good source of manganese, vitamins B6 and C, as well as copper, selenium, and phosphorus. It is also a source of calcium and vitamin B1. Garlic contains the enzymes alliin and alliinase and combine to form the compound allicin when the cloves are crushed or minced. Allicin is the compound that gives garlic its pungent smell as well as its health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

Benefits of Snow Mountain Garlic 
Snow Mountain Garlic, also known as Kashmiri Lehsun, is the top quality form of garlic. It is an original plant of Jammu & Kashmir. It has several health benefits:

  • Enhances immune system and restore health state
  • Accelerates recovery from common cold, high blood pressure, rheumatism, tuberculosis, cholesterol and respiratory problems
  • Known to improve blood circulation, cleanse the blood, and increase red blood corpuscles
  • Refreshes cells by promoting oxygen circulation; its a powerful antioxidants!
  • Helps protect the liver from Toxic substances. Helps rejuvenate a tired liver and promote normal functioning
  • Stimulates the nervous system, controls the workings of the heart at a constant level, thus stabilizing blood pressure
  • Capable of dissolving cholesterol and fatty substances inside blood vessel and therefore refreshing cells and blood inside the body
  • Promotes the secretion of gastric juices by stimulating the mucous membrane of stomach; combines with proteins, which can reduce excessive activity
  • Activates the large intestine by helping with both constipation and diarrhea
  • Regulates metabolic rate and assists in the discharging of toxic food
  • Lowers Blood Sugar level for patients suffering with diabetes
  • Lastly, its an all-natural Viagra for both men & women!

How to Use Snow Mountain Garlic
Snow Mountain Garlic, also known as Kashmiri Lehsun, is the most purified form of garlic. It is an aboriginal plant of Jammu and Kashmir. It has numerous health benefits and is being used widely for almost every disease.

  • Following are the uses of Snow Mountain Garlic for some common diseases:
  • For Acne: Peel 2 or 3 bulbs and massage on the affected part for 10 minutes.
  • For Asthma: Take 2 garlic pods and remove the outer part. Boil in a glass of milk and drink at night.
  • For Digestive disorders: Take 2 cloves of garlic. Then boil in a cup of milk or water. Drink it once a day.
  • For High Blood Pressure: Consume 2 cloves of garlic on an empty stomach.
  • For High Cholesterol: Peel 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and have it on an empty stomach.
  • For Wounds: Squeeze out the fluid of garlic and mix with little water. Wash wounds with the mixture twice a day.
  • For Tuberculosis: Peel 2 to 4 shells and crush. Boil in a cup of milk and drink once a day.
  • For Ascaris: Peel and squeeze 10 cloves and soak in a glass of water. Drink it on an empty stomach the next morning.

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